Sunday 11 April 2010

Brian Clark


The church clock stopped five times altogether
on Wednesday when all the talk was of the weather
at The Easingwold Wayfarers annual dinner.

There's been A recurrence of people urinating
in the Market Place; there is no natural cover
because it is extremely well lit
The News can exclusively reveal
with CCTV pictures to prove it
(Luckily Beck's ducks taken to safe haven).

But Axeing councillor's teas is tinkering
when the W.I offers a salvo of soups.
Intrigued by the Fury at school plan for pub
Relieved that Forced rhubarb's name protected
Oh for An Evening with Pam Ayres (sold out)
Now that Garden waste is back on rota.

Despite Triumph in Pony Club Quiz and a
Silver in World's Original Marmalade Contest
Still the Call for ideas to boost town.
Dear Sir, I read with dismay and distress...
Dear Sir, I really must protest...
Dear Sir, I am depressed...

Source: The Easingwold Advertiser and Weekly News, March 5, 2010

By Brian Clark

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